(2011-6276) Spherical fuzzy soft sets: Theory and aggregation operator with its applications

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Kocaeli University, Umuttepe Campus, 41380, Kocaeli, Turkey



The aim of this paper is to redefine the notion of spherical fuzzy soft sets as a more general concept to make them more functional for solving multi-criteria decision-making problems. We first define the set operations under the new spherical fuzzy soft set environment and obtain some fundamental properties of them. Then, we construct the spherical fuzzy soft aggregation operator which allows establishing a more efficient and useful method to solve the multi-criteria
decision-making problems. We establish an algorithm for the decision-making process which is more useful, simple, and easier than the existing methods. After constructing the method for solving the decision-making problem, we give a numerical example based on linguistic terms to show that the validity of the proposed technique. Finally, we analyze the reliability of the results of this method with the help of the comparative studies by applying this to a real-time data
set and using the existing methods.