Stratified $(L,M)$-fuzzy Q-convergence spaces

Document Type : Research Paper


Shenzhen Graduate School, Harbin Institute of Technology, 518055 Shen- zhen, P.R. China


This paper presents the concepts of $(L,M)$-fuzzy Q-convergence spaces and stratified $(L,M)$-fuzzy Q-convergence spaces. It is shown that the category of stratified $(L,M)$-fuzzy Q-convergence spaces is a bireflective subcategory of the category of $(L,M)$-fuzzy Q-convergence spaces, and the former is a Cartesian-closed topological category. Also, it is proved that the category of stratified $(L,M)$-fuzzy topological spaces can be embedded in the category of stratified $(L,M)$-fuzzy Q-convergence spaces as a reflective subcategory, and the former is isomorphic to the category of topological stratified $(L,M)$-fuzzy Q-convergence spaces.


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