Document Type : Research Paper


1 Academia de Matematicas, Universidad Autonoma de la Ciudad de Mexico, Calz. Ermita Iztapalapa s/n, Col. Lomas de Zaragoza 09620, Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico

2 Institut de Matematiques i Aplicacions de Castello (IMAC), Universitat Jaume I, Campus Riu Sec, 12071-Castello, Spain


We study the space of all continuous fuzzy-valued functions  from a space $X$ into the space of fuzzy numbers $(\mathbb{E}\sp{1},d\sb{\infty})$  endowed with the pointwise convergence topology.   Our results generalize the classical ones for  continuous real-valued functions.   The field of applications of this approach seems to be large, since the classical case  allows many known devices to be fitted to general topology, functional analysis, coding theory, Boolean rings, etc.


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