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2 Faculty of Mathematics, Al.I. Cuza University, 6600 Ias¸i, Romania, fax: 0040-232-201160


i.p.s. hypergroups are canonical hypergroups such that
$[\forall(a,x),a+x\ni x]\Longrightarrow[a+x=x].$
i.p.s. hypergroups were investigated in [1], [2], [3], [4] and it was proved that
if the order is less than 9, they are strongly canonical (see [13]). In this paper
we obtain the sequences of fuzzy sets and of join spaces determined (see [8])
by all i.p.s. hypergroups of order seven. For the meaning of the hypergroups
iH and the notations, see [7], [8].


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