Probit and nested logit models based on fuzzy measure

Document Type : Research Paper


Information Systems Area, IIM Ahmedabad, India


Inspired by the interactive discrete choice logit models [Aggarwal, 2019], this paper presents the advanced families of discrete choice models, such as nested logit, mixed logit, and probit models to consider the interaction among the attributes. Besides the DM's attitudinal character is also taken into consideration in the computation of choice probabilities. The proposed choice models make use of Choquet integal and the recent attitudinal Choquet integral. The models are termed as Choquet nested logit (CNL), Choquet mixed multinomial logit (CMMNL), and Choquet multinomial probit (CMP). These are further extended to represent the DM's attitudinal character, and termed as attitudinal CNL, attitudinal CMMNL, and attitudinal CMP.