Complex fuzzy ordered weighted distance measures

Document Type : Research Paper


School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Taizhou University, Taizhou 318000, China


In this paper, we introduce the complex fuzzy ordered weighted distance (CFOWD) measure. It is a new measure that uses the main characteristics of the the ordered
weighted averaging (OWA) operator and uncertain information represented as complex fuzzy values. This measure includes a wide range of distance measures
such as the complex fuzzy maximum distance, the complex fuzzy minimum distance, the normalized complex fuzzy distance (NCFD), the complex fuzzy ordered weighted Hamming distance (CFOWHD), complex fuzzy ordered weighted Euclidean distance (CFOWED), complex fuzzy ordered weighted geometric
distance (CFOWGD), the normalized complex fuzzy Hamming distance (NCFHD) and the normalized complex fuzzy Euclidean distance (NCFED).
We study some of its main properties. Finally, based on CFOWD measures, we give an illustrative example regarding the selected problem.