New results on the migrativity properties for overlap (grouping) functions and uninorms

Document Type : Research Paper


School of Mathematics and Statistics, Jiangxi Normal University, 330022 Nanchang, PR China


Functional equations involving aggregation functions play an important role in fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic theory. That the migrativity equation as a kind of restricted general associative equation have been proven to be useful in a wide range of fields like decision making, aggregation of information, image processing and so on. In the literature, the already existing results concerning the migrativity equation between overlap (grouping) functions and uninorms are based on the assumption that uninorms belong to one of the most studied classes. In this study we will explore it involving uninorms in a more general setting. To be specific, we investigate the migrativity properties between overlap (grouping) functions and uninorms in the case when uninorms have continuous underlying operators. We will show along the paper that many new solutions to the equation are characterized from this new point of view.