Basic fuzzy logics and weak associative uninorms

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Philosophy & Institute of Critical Thinking and Writing, Chonbuk National University, Rm 417, Colleges of Humanities & Social Science Blvd., Jeonju, 561-756, KOREA



Micanorm-based logics with a weak form of associativity are introduced and their completeness results are addressed. More concretely, first the basic wa$_{t}$-uninorm logic \textbf{WA$_{\textbf{t}}$BUL} and its axiomatic extensions are introduced as $[0, t]$-continuous wa$_{t}$-uninorm analogues of the logics based the $[0, 1)$-continuous uninorms. Next algebraic structures characterizing the logics are introduced along with algebraic completeness results. Third, wa$_{t}$-uninorms are introduced as uninorms with weak $t$-associativity instead of associativity and associated properties are discussed. Finally, by virtue of Yang--style construction, it is verified that the logics based on wa$_{t}$-uninorms are complete on unit real interval $[0, 1]$, i.e., so called \emph{standard} complete.


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