Document Type : Research Paper


1 Islamic Azad University-Nour Branch, Nour, Iran

2 Department of Mathematics, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

3 Department of Mathematics, Islamic Azad University-Ayatollah Amoly Branch, Amol, Iran and Institute for Studies in Applied Mathematics 1, Fajr 4, Amol 46176-54553, Iran


In this paper we define intuitionistic fuzzy metric and normed
spaces. We first consider finite dimensional intuitionistic fuzzy normed spaces
and prove several theorems about completeness, compactness and weak convergence
in these spaces. In section 3 we define the intuitionistic fuzzy quotient
norm and study completeness and review some fundamental theorems. Finally,
we consider some properties of approximation theory in intuitionistic fuzzy
metric spaces.


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