A new comprehensive project scheduling, monitoring, and management framework based on the critical chain under interval type-2 fuzzy uncertainty

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran


Projects require proper control and management techniques to achieve their defined success criteria. Often projects end in longer periods and higher costs than planned. It is necessary to apply approaches that can keep the project close to its predefined goals and purposes. In this paper, a new framework is presented that is mainly concerned with properly managing project implementation and evaluation. In detail, the method has four main parts. First, a new mathematical programming is offered to address project scheduling. The results of project scheduling are then applied in a critical chain method based approach under interval type-2 fuzzy uncertainty in the second part to both enhance project scheduling and address uncertainty. The third part of the approach is developed to monitor the project implementation process, and new thresholds are defined to discuss corrective measures when necessary. Finally, the fourth part of the approach is designed to evaluate project implementation and reach an understanding of how the project is implemented. To display the applicability of the approach, a practical example is solved, and the process is step by step presented along with the comparative analysis.