On matrix games with 2-tuple intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic payoffs

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Management Control and Information Systems, University of Chile, Av. Diagonal Paraguay 257, 8330015 Santiago, Chile

2 University School of Basic and Applied Sciences\\ Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Delhi-110078, India


In real-world decision-making problems, experts often prefer to express their views, regarding problem parameters, in a natural language rather than precise numerical form. Linguistic representation models have been widely used to solve many decision-making problems with qualitative information. Game theory has been found successful applications in a wide range of areas. This paper presents an extensive study of matrix games with qualitative payoffs. The work uses 2-tuple intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic values (2-TIFLVs) to represent the payoffs of the matrix game. We develop the mathematical formulation and concepts of the solutions for matrix games with payoffs represented by 2-TIFLVs. Paper also shows that matrix games with payoffs of 2-TIFLVs have solutions that can be obtained by transforming the matrix game in a pair of linear/nonlinear programming problems. Finally, a real-life numerical is given to illustrate the developed method.