Volume & Issue: Volume 18, Issue 4, July and August 2021, Pages 1-200 
F-transforms determined by implicators

Pages 19-36

A. Tripathi; S. P. Tiwari; I. Perfilieva

Disturbance estimator based dynamic compensator design for fractional order fuzzy control systems

Pages 79-93

S. Kanakalakshmi; R. Sakthivel; L. Susana Ramya; A. Parivallal; A. Leelamani

On the symmetric quintuple implicational method of fuzzy reasoning

Pages 113-129

Y. M. Tang; G. Q. Bao; J. J. Chen; W. Pedrycz

A multi-attribute assessment of fuzzy regression models

Pages 131-148

J. Chachi; A. Kazemifard; M. Jalalvand

Developing a fuzzy programming model for improving outpatient appointment scheduling

Pages 169-184

B. Farahbakhsh; S. H. Moosavirad; Y. Asadi; A. Amirbeigi