A novel defuzzification approach of type-2 fuzzy variable to solving matrix games: An application to plastic ban problem

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol-713 340, India

2 Tijuana Institute of Technology, Tijuana, Mexico


The novelty of the type-2 fuzzy variable (T2FV) is its fuzzy secondary possibility distribution. Here, we aim to formulate a new defuzzification model of triangular type-2 fuzzy variables (TT2FVs) based on type reduction. We also show its superiority compared to other existing models by providing some numerical examples. Later, we develop a matrix game problem in the type-2 fuzzy environment to show the applicability of the proposed defuzzification method in a real-world situation. Based on this defuzzification method, two crisp linear programming models are derived, which are subsequently solved by the simplex method using LINGO 17.0 software. Also, the expected pay-off for the maximizing player is calculated as TT2FV, which is desirable. Finally, to show the validity and applicability, the proposed methodology is illustrated with the plastic ban problem.