A visual social network group consensus approach with minimum adjustment based on Pythagorean fuzzy set

Document Type : Research Paper


School of Business, Jiangnan University, Wuxi, Jiangsu


People's demand for the decision-making space of opinion expression is getting higher, and the methods to determine the threshold value of current consensus still remain elusive. To deal with large and diverse information of users and discuss deeply the threshold in social networks, we establish a new consistency model with a new preference structure. In this paper, the Pythagorean fuzzy numbers (PFNs) are introduced into social network group decision-making for the expression of decision-makers' preference (DMs) and the concepts definition of the distance measurements, consensus index, and threshold indifference curves, respectively. In addition, we establish a Pythagorean fuzzy group consensus model with minimum adjustment through determining the setting rule of threshold value before reaching the consensus. Finally, we use the proposed model to solve the selection of square cabin hospitals.