Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 1, January and February 2019 
On generalized fuzzy numbers

Pages 61-73

De li Zhang; Caimei Guo; Degang Chen

Restricted cascade and wreath products of fuzzy finite switchboard state machines

Pages 75-88

Kavikumar Jacob; S.P. Tiwari; Nor Shamsidah AH; Shambhu Sharan

Multiobjective security game with fuzzy payoffs

Pages 89-101

Hamid Bigdeli; H Hassanpour; Javad Tayyebi

L-valued Fuzzy Rough Sets

Pages 111-127

Fei Li; Yueli Yue

Generalized states on EQ-algebras

Pages 159-172

Xiao Long Xin; M. Khan; Y. B. Jun